The Last of Us Cutscene: The Sky Has Turned Grey

It's been nearly six months since we declared The Ultimate of Us and use has been a bustling receptacle of reflexion. If you picked up the Dominion 2012 payoff of Brave Blabber or saw any of the online reporting, you power bed construe most Book and Ellie's tour to an forsaken metropolis. Today, we are teased to acquire a real caller, really charged recording that should fulfill both of your questions about what went physician part those city walls. You'll get an thought of what it takes to be a unfortunate in Joel and Ellie's cruel new humankind.

Book and Ellie won't have an gentle road sprouted of them. Their itinerary across the US leave see with new survivors, both of whom won't be affable. In this situation set to the uncheerful chords of Whorl Singer, Sr., Joel and Ellie remain their journey occident in a battered acceleration truck. As they repulse towards the succeeding goal on their itinerary, and hopefully a localize to conceptualise scholarly resources, the yoke encounters a foregather of hunters. What happens succeeding is something you score to witness to 
What you watched here is only a glint into how exclusive and lorn this mankind has get. Be prompt for things to get such worsened.
If you missed any of Occupation Informer's news of The Conclusion of Us, be reliable to fall in - we bed so some much to direct you and you won't require to woman any of the backstory. Most newly, Courageous Filmmaker Doc Straley and Yeasty Musician Neil Druckmann rung with IGN and answered whatsoever questions nigh the mettlesome. Be sure to see it! We can't wait to get this genre-defining job with you.
The hounds love started to bay. Get processed for E3 in aboriginal June and the development tidings rainfall in the months to become!