The PlayStation Recap

Not a lot of instant for mettlesome performing this hebdomad, as pre-E3 intellection and a work Diary publishing schedule) possess kept me astonishingly equal up. What did I lose?
In separate tidings this hebdomad, PlayStation's cross-country journey has officially hit the means through November, Netherrealms dished out Earthly Kombat tips for you, Necromancy revealed members of its unnatural installation, the GT Academy competition rapt to Bulblike 3 and 4, PixelJunk 4am launched on PSN with a disengage viewer app, Lightbox Interactive showed a new Starhawk exercise journal chronicling the final hours of evolution, indie legends Superbrothers and Jim Troubadour declared their participation in the PS Vita liquid platformer Vocalise Shapes, and the aggroup down upcoming Foosball 2012 revealed the nuances of their PlayStation Displace living (Protip: It's extensive).

What are you playing this weekend?

  • I’m playing: Mortal Kombat for PS Vita, Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer,
  • I’m watching: Homeland
  • I’m reading: Borderlands 2: Your Questions Answered
  • I’m listening to: Official PlayStation Blogcast 025: The Last of Us Explore the Future of Oddworld