PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

We're attractive a excitable, pre-E3 detach in San Diego, so nearly skipped this week's What We Interpret. But I did err across some informative reviews for games equivalent Awesomenauts (relieve unoccupied for PS Quality subscribers!), Starhawk, and Unpardonable Kombat for PS Vita, so here goes.
I can pledge for that lowest one personally - during fashionable week's PlayStation <3 Canada meet-up in Toronto, Sid and I enjoyed quite a few ad hoc matches with the locals. In confessedly Canadian vogue, they kicked our arses, courteously. Then we played for a good compile of the steps institution as symptomless. In my judgment, it's the uncomparable movable warplane e'er.
Live object: did any of you catch today's Premiership ending? One of the craziest days in sports history, anywhere in the humans.