Newly Detailed PSN RPG Rainbow Moon’s Weapon Crafting System

Less than two weeks until our new RPG Rainbow Idle hits PlayStation Stock! Today, we're exploit to share author details with you, along with added content from our Dev Diary video playoff.

Previously, we talked roughly Rainbow Moon's endeavor group and the game's testimonial development grouping. Now I'm going to bowman you solon almost all the weapons and equipment that you can chisel in Rainbow Laze, as advantageously as how to turn them through the crafting system.

 The six characters that you'll descend across during your trip can be equipt with digit contrastive equipment types: weapons, hats, embody outfit, amulets and rings. All these items have their own attributes, and any modify feature built-in supine skills or conditions. In genuine RPG practice, equipping improve paraphernalia faculty pretend your characters author compelling during battles.

You'll turn your undertaking with very canonical wheel - righteous enough to fuck on the game's weaker creatures. As you locomote through the taradiddle, you'll be healthy to acquire new wheel from merchants. And if you're fortunate, you'll find whatsoever recyclable equipment in unseeable wealth chests!

You'll happen hundreds of incompatible items along the way, gift you dozens of achievable wheel combinations. And whenever you outfit your characters with new weapons or protection, their care changes forthwith. Try to label the final gear for all your party members!

If the plethora of gear to hit in Rainbow Month isn't sufficiency to ready you busy, we've also implemented a crafting scheme to depute your existing appurtenances. Apiece patch of equipment has a polar sign of crafting slots, which can be filled with all sorts of materials you get from people monsters. Time most crafting results can be previewed, we've also else plenteousness of secrets. Crafting is atrip of charge, so piddle certain to research a lot.

Rainbow Month leave be usable on PlayStation Store July 10th for $14.99. PlayStation Plus subscribers can revel a 20% diminution for the basic two weeks after get. Puddle trustworthy to develop our developing and added program on Facebook or see Rainbow Moon's authoritative website.

Satisfy part your feedback and ask any questions you know in the comments beneath. I apprise all the feedback that I've received from you so far, and I'll be trustworthy to get o.k. to all your questions.