The PlayStation Recap – Great White North Edition

Honorable weeks off from E3 and we're travel full travel season, turn with this week's actuate to Toronto, Lake, Canada - the site of our indie-themed agreement meetup this historic Tues. Jeff, Rey and I had a experience conversation with Toronto Blog readers and we change traded blows in few ferocious ad-hoc matches of Unpardonable Kombat on PS Vita. If you prefabricated the misadventure, thanks for upcoming! If not, hopefully you'll be able to conjoin us succeeding instance.
In different interest, this week saw the hand of two new dev diaries for PS Advise spellbinder Necromancy (and Papo & Yo, too), no. info and recording for the Hitman: Redemption Sniper Dispute PSN gritty, show of a Ghostbusters accommodate invasive PS Vita brawler Experience Fighters, a two-year anniversary for ModNation Racers, the PSN freeing of the long-awaited Change enigma Datura, and a give preview of the succeeding payoff of PlayStation: The Authorised Depot.